ISEPEP5 logo. Design by Heath MacMillan.

This week ISEPEP5 was hosted by Dr. Brent Sinclair in London, Ontario. This was my first ISEPEP meeting, and I helped organize the meeting (whenever possible while writing a thesis!) and designed the meeting logo (left). 

We heard some awesome plenary talks by Dr. Dave Denlinger (Ohio State University) on how insects enter and break diapause, and Dr. Allison McDonald  (Wilfrid Laurier University) on her alternative oxidase adventures.

ISEPEP5 group photo. August 13 2013.

To download a copy of the group photo taken at the end of the meeting, click the thumbnail. 

ISEPEP6 will be hosted by Jesper Sorensen and Johannes Overgaard at Aarhus University. I guess I will find myself designing another logo soon! 


AuthorHeath MacMillan